BIOL-2152 Introduction to Algae, Fungi and Mosses: This course provides an introduction to the morphology, life histories, evolution and ecology of the algae, fungi, mosses and their allies. Emphasis will be placed on local organisms. The laboratory work is a major component of the course.

BIOL-2403 Principles of Ecology: This course is concerned with general concepts in ecology. Topics covered will include energy flow, biochemical cycles, populations, communities, and human ecology.

BIOL-3152 Flora of Manitoba: Because knowledge of the flora of Manitoba is essential to field biologists, this course includes discussion of the origin and present composition of the Manitoba flora, identification, description, collection, nomenclature, classification, and evolutionary relationships of plants. Laboratory work consists of examination of the more important plant families and habitats in the province.

BIOL-3163 Plant Anatomy & Physiology: This course examines the anatomy and physiology of seed plants. Topics include plant and cell architecture, energy flow, acquisition and transport of resources, signal transduction, growth and allocation, and life cycles. Readings and assignments emphasize interactions between plants and their environments, interdependence between plants and other organisms, and plant adaptations to stress, disturbance, and competition.